Transforming performance through
sales training solutions that
drive behavioral change

Sales training is a critical step in ensuring your clients are maximizing sales talent. However, most training programs lack a collaborative reinforcement system and offer limited lasting change.

Essentially, when done in the typical fashion, sales training can waste your time and money. Without ongoing skill transfer at the field level, training fails to deliver consistent results.

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A Dramatic Shift in Training Effectiveness

Offer your clients a unique platform that actually drives behavioral change and skills transfer. E3’s modules equip your busy sales leaders with ongoing collaborative tools that improve results and are simple to implement.

With this tool, we have seen a reason for the managers to meet with their teams which have helped on many levels. They are more in touch with what is going on with their reps, and most importantly they are playing a part in the increase in sales we have seen.

— VP Training, Labor Ready

Training That Transforms Client Performance

There are hundreds of training modules from which to choose and each module includes fundamental tools that reinforce behavioral change. From easy to use leader guides to collaborative peer-to-peer exchanges to tactical training to follow-up survey metrics, your clients experience a transformation in the key areas of team development and performance.

Our mission is to help you create a dramatic shift while increasing equity with your client and delivering new revenue streams for you both.

Meet the Team

Raymond Cardinale and Jeff Thrutchley bring more than 75 years of combined sales leadership and expertise to E3 Performance Solutions.


Raymond Cardinale, E3 Founder

Raymond is a seasoned sales professional who has worked his way up the ranks, excelling in every position in a sales organization. His no-nonsense, practical personality will both challenge and inspire you.


Jeff Thrutchley, E3 VP of Talent

Jeff brings decades of master training delivery and development to every module and customized component. His expertise will enhance your client's leadership skills.

Watch as E3 Performance Solutions founder Raymond Cardinale provides a quick overview of the platform, and shares how this can extend the performance of your client, strengthen your relationship, and provide you with supplemental income.

Add New Revenue Streams as an E3 BASIC Partner or as an E3 PRO Licensee

E3 Basic

More than a referral fee, you become a Revenue Share Partner with E3.

  • Your active clients (per location, per month) generate revenue for your company
  • Ongoing, monthly revenue share based on published module fee of $237
  • E3’s hundreds of training modules available for various roles in the organization
  • Micro-learning for busy companies with focused 20-30 minute meetings
  • One free demo module and E3 partner support to start each client
  • Efficient facilitation guides for increasing leader confidence and effectiveness
  • Monthly implementation and retention assessments to reinforce key behaviors

E3 Pro

Become an Exclusive License Partner with E3 and maximize revenues. E3 Pro contains all of E3 BASIC plus:

  • You determine the monthly module fees based on your market value
  • Private label the E3 training platform
  • Fully customized modules based on industry and company culture
  • Coaching calls with Raymond available monthly
  • Coffee with the Coaches (Raymond available to coach training leader sessions)
  • Online training presence with a private-labeled microsite

Meet with Raymond and he can show you the revenue share models for BASIC and PRO.

“With over 50 offices in 17 states, it is a challenge to get a consistent skill development program in place. In the last two years, we have increased sales by 15% and decreased turnover by 10% due to this training.”
VP Training & Development
Republic Services

How Does this Process Work?

  1. The first part of the process begins when you call us. You will speak directly to Raymond who will give you greater insight into this robust platform and answer your questions.
  2. Then, confirm which free trial module best fits your client’s situation to see our training in action. Yes, the first one is on us.

Elevate Everyone's Expertise

Don’t let your clients feel satisfied with the status quo.

A short call with Raymond, a behavioral training and sales expert, will get you on track to begin enjoying an amazing new revenue stream.

Get a Free Demo — 615-678-1499 Call Raymond today to view a complete training demo.

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